January 20, 2018
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447 Officials Urge Senate to Vote Against Trump's Pick for EPA Administrator

Honorable Mitch McConnell and U.S. Senate

317 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Sent via fax to (202) 224-2499

February 6, 2017

Subject: Concerns about Scott Pruitt’s qualifications to serve as EPA Administrator

Dear Senator McConnell and the U.S. Senate,

We write as former employees of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to share our concerns about Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s qualifications to serve as the next EPA Administrator in light of his record in Oklahoma. Our perspective is not partisan. Having served under both Republican and Democratic presidents, we recognize each new Administration’s right to pursue different policies within the parameters of existing law and to ask Congress to change the laws that protect public health and the environment as it sees fit.

However, every EPA Administrator has a fundamental obligation to act in the public’s interest based on current law and the best available science. Mr. Pruitt’s record raises serious questions about whose interests he has served to date and whether he agrees with the longstanding tenets of U.S. environmental law.

Our nation has made tremendous progress in ensuring that every American has clean air to breathe, clean water to drink and uncontaminated land on which to live, work and play. Anyone who visits Beijing is reminded of what some cities in the U.S. once looked like before we went to work as a people to combat pollution. Much of EPA’s work involves preserving those gains, which should not be taken for granted. There are also emerging new threats as well as serious gaps in our environmental safety net, as the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, painfully demonstrates.

Our environmental laws include provisions directing EPA to allow for a “margin of safety” when assessing risks, which is intended to limit exposure to pollutants when it is reasonable to expect they may harm the public health, even when all the scientific evidence is not yet in. For example, EPA’s first Administrator, Bill Ruckelshaus, chose to limit the amount of lead in gasoline before all doubt about its harmfulness to public health was erased. His action spared much of the harm that some countries still face as result of the devastating effects of lead

`2 on human health. Similarly, early action to reduce exposure to fine particle pollution helped avoid thousands of premature deaths from heart and lung disease. The magnitude and severity of those risks did not become apparent until much later.

Mr. Pruitt’s record and public statements strongly suggest that he does not share the vision or agree with the underlying principles of our environmental laws. Mr. Pruitt has shown no interest in enforcing environmental laws, a critically important function for EPA. While serving as Oklahoma’s top law enforcement officer, Mr. Pruitt issued more than 50 press releases celebrating lawsuits to overturn EPA standards to limit mercury emissions from power plants, reduce smog levels in cities and regional haze in parks, clean up the Chesapeake Bay and control greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast, none of Mr. Pruitt’s many press releases refer to any action he has taken to enforce environmental laws or to actually reduce pollution. This track record likely reflects his disturbing decision to close the environmental enforcement unit in his office while establishing a new litigation team to challenge EPA and other federal agencies.

He has claimed credit for an agreement to protect the Illinois River that did little more than confirm phosphorus limits established much earlier, while delaying their enforcement another three years. In a similar vein, Mr. Pruitt has gone to disturbing lengths to advance the views and interests of business. For example, he signed and sent a letter as Oklahoma Attorney General criticizing EPA estimates of emissions from oil and gas wells, without disclosing that it had been drafted in its entirety by Devon Energy. He filed suit on behalf of Oklahoma to block a California law requiring humane treatment of poultry. The federal court dismissed the case after finding that the lawsuit was brought not to benefit the citizens of Oklahoma but a handful of large egg producers perfectly capable of representing their own interests. To mount his challenge to EPA’s rule to reduce carbon pollution from power plants, he took the unusual step of accepting free help from a private law firm. By contrast, there is little or no evidence of Mr. Pruitt taking initiative to protect and advance public health and environmental protection in his state. Mr. Pruitt’s office has apparently acknowledged 3,000 emails and other documents reflecting communications with certain oil and gas companies, but has yet to make any of these available in response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed more than two years ago.

Contrary to the cooperative federalism that he promotes, Mr. Pruitt has suggested that EPA should refrain from trying to control pollution that crosses state lines. For example, he intervened to support a Farm Bureau lawsuit that would have overturned a cooperative agreement between five states and EPA to clean up the Chesapeake Bay (the court rejected the challenge). When asked how a state can protect its citizens from pollution that originates outside its borders, Mr. Pruitt said in his Senate testimony that states should resolve these disputes on their own, with EPA providing “informational” support once an agreement is reached. But the 1972 Clean Water Act directs EPA to review state water quality plans, require any improvements needed to make waters “fishable and swimmable,” and to review and approve plans to limit pollutant loads to protect water quality. EPA’s power to set standards and limit pollution that crosses state lines is exactly what ensures every American clean air and water, and gives states the incentive to negotiate and resolve transboundary disputes.

` 3

We are most concerned about Mr. Pruitt’s reluctance to accept and act on the strong scientific consensus on climate change. Our country’s own National Research Council, the principal operating arm of the National Academies of Science and Engineering, concluded in a 2010 report requested by Congress that human activity is altering the climate to an extent that poses grave risks to Americans’ health and welfare. More recent scientific data and analyses have only confirmed the Council’s conclusion and added to the urgency of addressing the problem.

Despite this and other authoritative warnings about the dangers of climate change, Mr. Pruitt persists in pointing to uncertainty about the precise extent of humanity’s contribution to the problem as a basis for resisting taking any regulatory action to help solve it. At his Senate confirmation hearing, he stated that that “science tells us that the climate is changing, and that human activity in some manner impacts that change. The ability to measure with precision the degree and extent of that impact, and what to do about it, are subject to continuing debate and dialogue, and well it should be.” This is a familiar dodge– emphasizing uncertainty about the precise amount of humanity’s contribution while ignoring the broad scientific consensus that human activities are largely responsible for dangerous warming of our planet and that action is urgently needed before it is too late.

Mr. Pruitt’s indulgence in this dodge raises the fundamental question of whether he agrees with the precautionary principle reflected in our nation’s environmental statutes. Faithful execution of our environmental laws requires effectively combating climate change to minimize its potentially catastrophic impacts before it is too late. The American people have been served by EPA Administrators, Republicans and Democrats, who have embraced their responsibility to protect public health and the environment. Different administrators have come to different conclusions about how best to apply the law in view of the science, and many of their decisions have been challenged in court, sometimes successfully, for either going too far or not far enough. But in the large majority of cases it was evident to us that they put the public’s welfare ahead of private interests. Scott Pruitt has not demonstrated this same commitment.

Thank you for considering our views.

(All signatories are former EPA employees)

Bernadine Abbott, Library Director

Dan Abrams, Special Advisor, Office of the Administrator

Allan Abramson, Director, Pollution Prevention Division, Office of Pollution Prevention and


Nancy Adams, Director, Decontamination and Consequence Management Division, National

Homeland Security Research Center



Richard Albright, Director, Office of Environmental Cleanup

Jonell Allamano, Unit Manager, Infrastructure & Operations

Frederick Allen, Counselor, Office of Strategic Environmental Policy, Office of Policy

Nancy Allinson, Management Analyst, Human Resources Development

Marc Alston, Colorado Watershed Coordinator

Steven W. Anderson, Regional Judicial Officer

A. Roger Anzzolin, Office of Water

Michael Ardito, Environmental Protection Specialist

Paul Arell, Manager, Corrective Action Unit - Solid and Hazardous Waste Program

Jo Ann Asami, Attorney

Bob Axelrad, Senior Policy Advisor

Kathleen L. Ayala, Environmental Protection Specialist

Christopher M. Ayala, Personal Property Manager

John Bachmann, Associate Director for Science and Policy, Air Office

William S. Baker, Air Senior Policy Advisor

Daiva Balkus, Director, Office of Federal Advisory Committee Management, Office of


Loretta Barsamian, Deputy Assistant Regional Administrator

Janice Bartel, Brownfield Project Manager

Jeuli Bartenstein, Director of Human Capital and Planning, Office of Administration and

Resources Management

Dale Bates, Environmental Scientist

Katherine Baylor, Hydrogeologist

Judy Beck, Lake Michigan Program Manager, Great Lakes National Program Office

Nancy Beck, Executive Assistant to the Regional Administrator

Bonnie Bellow, Public Affairs Director

Richard Bennett, Director, Office of Financial Management - Reporting & Analysis Staff


Carol Berns, Associate Regional Counsel



Charmaine Berry, Environmental Engineer

Kent Berry, Director, Air Quality Management Division

Carlo Bertani, (No position provided)

Brenda Bettencourt, Laboratory Director

Corinne Blanco, Staff Director, Office of Water

Bob Blanco, Director, Office of Water - Drinking Water Implementation Division

Kathleen Blinebury, Regional Grants Management Officer

Celia Bloomfield, Environmental Protection Specialists

Tom Bloomfield, Attorney, Office of Regional Counsel

Vickie Boothe, Environmental Engineer

Laura Tom Bose, Section Chief, Water Division

Steven Branoff, Air Permit Engineer

Joann Brennan McKee, Deputy Director, Division of Environmental Planning and Protection

Timothy Brincefield, Senior Policy Advisor - Office of Environmental Cleanup

John Brink, Chief of the Pollution Prevention and Toxics Unit

Theodore G. Brna, Ph.D., PE, (No position provided)

Nancy Brown, Management Analyst, Office of Compliance and Enforcement

James D. Brusslan, Assistant Regional Counsel

Bruce Buckheit, Director, Air Enforcement Division, Office of Enforcement and Compliance


Marjorie Buckholtz, Director, office of innovation, partnerships and communication, Office of

Solid Waste and Emergency Response

Laura Buluc Polansky, National Network for Environmental Management Studies Fellow

Thomas Burns, Chief, Solid & Hazardous Waste Program - Program Management Unit

Helga Butler, Branch Chief, Office of Air and Radiation - Indoor Air Division

Joan Cabreza, Senior Wetland Scientist, Wetlands

David Calkins, Regional Chief of Air Programs

Kathleen Callahan, Deputy Regional Administrator

Carol Campbell, Assistant Regional Administrator, Ecosystem Protection and Remediation



Dorothy Canter, Ph.D., Science Advisor for Bioterrorism Issues, Office of Solid Waste and

Emergency Response

Leslie Carothers, Deputy Regional Administrator

Carl Castillo, Attorney, Legal Enforcement Division

Nick Ceto, Environmental Scientist

Jane Chadbourne, Director, Human Resources Program

Isabel Chamberlain, Chemist

JoAnn K. Chase, Former Director, American Indian Environmental Office

Colburn Cherney, Associate General Counsel for Water

David Chin, Environmental Engineer

Pat Cirone, Supervisor, Office of Environmental Assessment - Risk Evaluation Unit

Milton Clark, Ph.D., Senior Health and Science Advisor

Kerrigan Clough, Deputy Regional Administrator

William Clugston, Computer Specialist

Lori Cohen, Associate Director, Office of Environmental Cleanup

Shelley Cohen, Team Lead, EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program

Keith Cohon, Assistant Regional Counsel

JoAnn Cola, Environmental Engineer

David Collins, Analyst

Kathleen Collins, Water Quality Standards Coordinator, Office of Water

Kris Colt, Pollution Prevention and Materials Management Supervisor

David Cooper, Community Involvement Coordinator

Gail Cooper, Senior Attorney, Office of Regional Counsel

John Cooper, Water Section Chief, Office of Regional Counsel

Paul Cough, Director, Oceans & Coastal Protection Division

Carol Cowgill, Attorney, Office of General Counsel

David Cowgill, Great Lakes National Program Office Chief, Technical Assistance and Analysis


Beth Craig, Director, Climate Protection Partnership Division, Office of Atmospheric Programs



Janet Crawford, Manager, Air Enforcement

Thomas Crisp, Research Scientist

John Cross, Resource Conservation and Recovery

Patrick Crotty, Chief, Drinking Water Branch

Lora Culver, Office of Land and Emergency Management

Shannon Cunniff, Team Leader, Water & Energy; Federal Agency Liaison Division

Gregory Dana, Mobile Sources

Lee Daneker, (No position provided)

Barbara DAngelo, Deputy Division Director

L.A. Darnell, (No position provided)

Jim Darr, Chemist, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (2013); EPA 1976 -- 2013

Kathryn Davidson, Deputy Director, Office of Management Programs

Dana Davoli, Toxicologist, Office of Environmental Assessment

Susan Dax, (No position provided)

Jaime de Sousa, Environmental Scientist, Office of Environmental Stewardship

Christopher Dege, Tribal Waste Team Leader, Office of Solid Waste

Stephen Delaney, Photographer

Bo Delp, Assistant Press Secretary, Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education

Richard Denney, Associate General Counsel

Rebecca Derr, Lead Team Leader

Diane Dettling, On Scene Coordinator

Jane Diamond, (No position provided)

Elyse DiBiagio-Wood, Senior Attorney, Office of Enforcement, Water Division

W. Fred Dimmick, Deputy Director, Human Exposure and Atmospheric Sciences Division

Gwen DiPietro, Environmental Protection Specialist

James Dougherty, Section Chief, Office of Enforcement & Compliance Monitoring

Scott Downey, Manager, Air Enforcement and Data Management Unit

James Dunn, Environmental Engineer



Eleanor Dwight, Public Affairs Specialist, Office of Communication and Public Involvement

Veronica Eady, Assistant Regional Counsel

Alan Eckert, Associate General Counsel, Air and Radiation Law Office, Office of General


Sheila Eckman, Project Manager

Pat Ecklund, Chief, NPDES Permitting Program

Judith Enck, Regional Administrator

Kenneth Eng, Chief, Air Compliance Branch

Lisa Gollin Evans, Associate Regional Counsel

David Farrel, Federal Activities Manager

Fraser D. Felter, Congressional/State Liaison

Penelope Fenner-Crisp, Senior Science Advisor-Office of Pesticide Programs

Roger C. Field, Associate Regional Counsel

Gerald Filbin, Environmental Protection Specialist - Climate Adaptation Staff/ Office of Policy

Charles Findley, Deputy Regional Administrator

Daniel Fiorino, Office of Policy

Charles F. Flood, Computer programmer (1976-81)

Deborah Flood, Section Chief, Office of Compliance and Enforcement

Gregory Foote, Assistant General Counsel, Office of Air and Radiation

Jeff Fowley, Office of Regional Counsel

Jennifer Fox, Environmental Engineer

Elaine Francis, National Program Director for Toxics & Pesticides Research

Neil Frank, Senior Scientist, OAQPS/OAR (1970-2016)

Anita Frankel, Manager, Oil and Gas Team

Jonathan Freedman, Ecologist, Sediment Management Program

Rebecca Fried, Director of Speechwriting

Lisa Friedman, Associate General Counsel, Air and Radiation Law Office, Office of General


Robert Friedrich, Deputy Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel



Kent Fuller, Chief, Environmental Planning, Great Lakes National Program Office

Jack Gakstatter, Ph.D., Chief, Surface Water Branch

Roy Gamse, Deputy Associate Administrator for Policy

Deborah Garber, Section Chief, Office of Regional Counsel

Charlie Garlow, Attorney, Air Enforcement

Mike Gearheard, Director, Office of Water and Watersheds

Marius Gedgaudas, Chief, Air Programs Branch - SIP and Permits Section

Elliott Gilberg, Director, Office of Site Remediation Enforcement

Michael D. Gill, Office of Research and Development, Superfund and Technology Liaison

Marcia Ginley, Enforcement Attorney, Air Enforcement Division

Gail Ginsberg, Regional Counsel

Eric Ginsburg, Senior Policy Advisor (1977-2013)

Therese Gioia, Environmental Scientist

William Glasser, Environmental Scientist

Gerald Gleason, Attorney, Office of General Counsel

Pat Godsil, Deputy Director, Hazardous Waste Management Division

Aron A. Golberg, Attorney-Advisor, Office of General Counsel

Jessie Goldfarb, Special Assistant to the Assistant Administrator, Office of Enforcement and

Compliance Monitoring, and Senior Enforcement Attorney

Jessica Gordon, Attorney-Advisor

Judy Graham, Associate Director for Health, NERL, ORD

Jill Grant, Attorney, Office of General Counsel

Lois Green, Environmental Scientist, Superfund Enforcement

Mary E. Greene, Associate Regional Counsel

Alisa Greene MacAvoy, Watersheds Section Chief, Water Division

Roger Grimes, Assistant Regional Counsel

Terry Grogan, Branch Chief

Wayne Grotheer, Section Chief, Superfund Site Enforcement

Jim Grove, Regional Enforcement Coordinator



Michael Gruber, Director, Planning and Information Division, Office of Solid Waste

Leslie Guinan, Assistant Regional Counsel

Debra Gutenson, Regulatory Impact Analyst

Lisa Haage, Section Chief, Office of Regional Counsel and Superfund Program

Julie Hagensen, Assistant Regional Administrator

James Hahnenberg, Geologist/Project Manager

Robert Hall, Chief, Air Pollution Technology Branch, Air Pollution Prevention & Control

Division, Office of Research & Development

John Hamill, Project Manager, Superfund

John Hannon, Assistant General Counsel, Air and Radiation Law Office, Office of General


James Hanson, Emergency Response

Nancy Harney, Federal Facilities Superfund Project Manager

Jeff Hart, Manager, Office of Inspector General, and Acting Comptroller and Director, Fiscal

Management & Planning

Gil Haselberger, Special Asst. to the Regional Administrator

George Hays, Associate Regional Counsel

Melissa Heath, Associate Regional Counsel

Jeff Herring, Environmental Scientist

Jonathan Herrmann, Director, National Homeland Security Research Center

Marion R. Herz, Former Chief Of Staff, Office of Compliance, Office of Enforcement and

Compliance Assurance

Jack Hidinger, Director of State Programs

Christian Hill, Environmental Scientist

Pam Hill, Deputy Regional Counsel, Office of Regional Counsel

Mary Holland, Program Analyst, Boston Regional Office

David P. Howekamp, Director, Air Division

Cinnat Howett, Senior Attorney, Water Enforcement Division, Office of Enforcement and

Compliance Assurance

Ann Hunter-Pirtle, Deputy Director of Speechwriting



Peter Jackson, Life Scientist

Deborah Janik, Regional Comptroller

Neal Johnson, Program Analyst, Office of the Comptroller - Budget Division

Michael Johnston, Director, Regional Environmental Laboratory

Sandy Johnston Fells, Congressional Liaison

Timothy Jones, Environmental Protection Specialist

Beverly Kahn, Program Analyst, Technical and Management Services

Henry Kahn, Statistician, NCEA, ORD

Marilyn Katz, Associate Branch Chief, Coastal Management Branch/Oceans and Coastal

Protection Division/Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds/Office of Water

Lester Kaufman, Manager, Underground Storage Tanks Program, Waste Management Division

Sylvia Kawabata, Manager, Site Assessment and Brownfields Unit, Office of Environmental


Robert Kayser, Environmental Protection Specialist

Stephen Keach, Program Analyst

Sharon L. Kercher, Acting Deputy Assistant Regional Administrator, Office of Enforcement,

Compliance, and Environmental Justice

Jim Ketcham-Colwill, Office of Air and Radiation

Nancy Ketcham-Colwill, Attorney-Advisor, Office of General Counsel

Ashley King, Director, Methane to Markets

Monica Kirk, Assistant Regional Counsel

Glenn Kistner, Environmental Scientist

Kent Kitchingman, Regional Quality Assurance Officer

Shira Kol, Special Assistant to the Administrator, Special Assistant to the Director of OPA

Jill Korte, Environmental Engineer, Drinking Water Office

Debra J. Kovacs, Team Leader, Pesticides Program

Ron Kreizenbeck, Deputy Regional Administrator

Catherine Kuhlman, Associate Director Water Division

Richard Kuhlman, Associate General Counsel, Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Office



Michael Kulik, Director of the Office of Public Affairs

Marilyn Kuray, Attorney-Advisor, Office of General Counsel

John La Padula, Deputy Director, Emergency and Remedial Response Division

Nathan Lau, Associate Director, Communities and Ecosystems Division

Karen Laughlin, Senior Policy Advisor /Environmental Protection Specialist

Angela Leith, Policy Analyst

Suzette Leith, Office of Regional Counsel

Bruce J. Lery, Water Quality Management

Rose Lew, Environmental Scientist

Lori Lewis, Regional Facilitator

Clare Lindsay, Senior Policy Advisor, ORCR,

Ted Linnert, Public Affairs Specialist

Barbara J. Lither, Office of Regional Counsel

Montel Livingston, (No position provided)

LeRoy Loiselle, NPDES Compliance Manager

Judy Lubow, Senior Attorney, Mobile Source Enforcement Branch

Terry Lukas, Associate Regional Counsel

Lisa Lund, Former Director, Office of Compliance, Office of Enforcement and Compliance


Ann Lyons, Assistant Regional Counsel, Office of Regional Counsel

Gay MacGregor, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Transportation and Air Quality

Barbara H. Maco, International Liaison to NORTHCOM

Eric Males, Executive Secretary, Science Advisory Board

Sylvia Malm, Team Leader, Drinking Water Protection Division, Office of Ground Water &

Drinking Water

Sally Marquis, Manager

Debora Martin, Air/Water Coordinator, Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watershed

Nancy Marvel, Regional Counsel

Marita Mayer, Temporary Attorney, Air Division



Frances McChesney, Attorney in OECM

Jim McCormick, Air & Toxic Division Director

Keven McDermott, Unit Manager

Danna McDonald, Communications Officer

Nora McGee, Assistant Regional Administrator

Daniel McGovern, Regional Administrator

Barbara McLeod, Senior Special Assistant to the Administrator

Robert McManus, Director, Oceans Division, Office of International Activities

Pam McMichael, Human Resource Officer

Patricia Meaney, Director of Site Remediation and Restoration

Bruce Means, National Manager for Remedy Decisions and Policy, Office of Superfund

Remediation and Technolgy Innovation

Mechele Merkel, Attorney, Office of Enforcement

Sharon Metcalf, Office of Regional Counsel

Phil Millam, Director; Air, Superfund, and Water programs

Kimberly Mills, Environmental Scientist

David Mobley, Deputy Director, Atmospheric Modeling and Analysis Division, ORD

Lawrence Molloy, Environmental Engineer, Strategic Planning & Management Division, Office

of Policy, Planning & Evaluation

Katie Montague Perry, Attorney Advisor, Offices of Congressional & Legislative Affairs,

Enforcement, and Homeland Security

Frank Montarelli, Senior Communications Advisor

Jane S. Moore, Deputy Director, Office of Wastewater Management

James C. Morant, Senior Advisor, International Organizations Program, Office of International

Affairs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Robert Morcock, Supervisory Biologist

Michelle Moustakas, Environmental Engineer, Water Division

James Mullins, Section Chief

William E. Muno, Director, Superfund Division



Linda Murray, Special Assistant to Director, Health Effects Division, Office of Pesticide


Carl Myers, Deputy Director, AWPD, OWOW, Office of Water

Sharon Nickels, Project Officer, Superfund Emergency Response Program

Barbara Niebauer, Budget Analyst

Norman Niedergang, Assistant Regional Administrator

Armina Nolan, IASSC West Manager

Anne Norton Miller, Director, Office of Federal Activities

Marilyn Null, Community Involvement Specialist, Office of Federal Facility Enforcement

Ann Nutt, Associate Regional Counsel and Deputy Branch Chief for Air, Toxics, Water and

General Law, Office of Regional Counsel

Elizabeth Obenshain, Regional Criminal Enforcement Counsel

Terry Oda, Manager Water Quality Standards and NPDES Permit Office

Clarice Olson, Environmental Scientist and Environmental Protection Specialist

Donald Olson, Senior Environmental Scientist, Office of Water Enforcement

Karen O'Regan, Environmental Protection Specialist

Peter Ornstein, Deputy Regional Counsel

Paul Stephen Osborne, National Ground Water Expert

Richard Ossias, Associate General Counsel for Air and Radiation, Air and Radiation Law Office,

Office of General Counsel

David Ouderkirk, Superfund/US Navy, Bridges to Friendship Project

Ronald Outen, Branch Chief

Deborah Overeynder, Clean Lakes Coordinator, Water Division

Barbara Pace, Attorney Advisor, Office of General Counsel

Deborah Palmer Ramsing, (No position provided)

Steve Pardieck, Regional Drinking Water Branch Chief

Patrick Parenteau, Regional Counsel

Jeanne Pascal, NW District Debarment Counsel, EPA Suspension and Debarment Division

Dorothy Patton, Director, Office of Science Policy/Office of Research & Development



Vickie Patton, Office of General Counsel, Attorney

Chester Pauls, Project Officer, Office of Drinking Water

George Pavlou, Deputy Regional Administrator

Sharon Payne, Human Resources in office of policy

Chris Peak, Assistant Regional Counsel

Bill Pedersen, Associate General Counsel for Air and Radiation

Donna Perla, Designated Federal Officer; Farm, Ranch, and Rural Communities Committee

Daniel Phalen, Environmental Protection Specialist

John Philbrook, Assistant Chief, Air and Waste Management Division - Air Branch

Ervin Pickell, Attorney Advisor, Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance - Fuels


Thomas Pike, Regional Brownfields Coordinator

Joseph Piotrowski, Chair, Coordinating Committee, Mississippi River Basin Hypoxia Task Force

Steve Platt, (No position provided)

Lisa Plevin, Regional Chief of Staff

Annette Poliwka, Environmental Protection Specialist, Environmental Justice Team

Barry Pollock, Environmental Engineer, Drinking Water Office

Jeffrey Potent, Team Lead for Corporate Partnerships in the Office of Water

Keri N. Powell, Senior Clean Air Act Attorney

Christine Powers, Program Analyst Office of Water

Ann Prezyna, Deputy Regional Counsel, Office of Regional Counsel

Lynda Priddy, Environmental Scientist

Frank Princiotta, Director, Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division

Liz Purchia, Acting Associate Administrator, Office of Public Affairs

Ernest Rachal, Facilities, Space Management

S. Trivikrama Rao, Former Director of the Atmospheric Modeling and Analysis Division, Office

of Research and Development

Rishi Reddi, Attorney

Walter Redmon, Biologist, Water Division



Carl Reeverts, Water Project Manager

Diane Regas, Director, Office of Wetlands Oceans and Watersheds

Cindy Reynolds, Director, Air Toxics Technical Enforcement Program

Harvey Richmond, Senior Environmental Analyst, Office of Air Quality Standards and Planning

Paul Riederer, Deputy Assistant Regional Administrator for Policy and Management

William Riley, Director, Office of Environmental Assessment

Sylvia Ritzky, Environmental Protection Specialist

Carr Robert, Attorney

Catherine Roberts, Congressional Liaison Officer

Kevin Rochlin, Superfund Remedial Project Manager

Karen Rodriguez, Habitat and Species Focus Area Lead

Janet Rosati, Remedial Project Manager, Superfund Division

Carey S. Rosemarin, Assistant Regional Counsel

Emily Roth, Environmental Scientist, RCRA and CERCLA

Helen Rueda, TMDL Project Manager

Sara Russell, Grants Management Officer

Jane Russo, Superfund Community Relations Coordinator

Mario Salazar, Environmental Engineer in the Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water,

Underground Injection Control Program

Betsy Salter, Environmental Protection Specialist, Office of Wetlands, Oceans & Watersheds

Hedy Salter, Superfund On-Scene-Coordinator

Mary Sanderson, Supervisory Environmental Engineer

Diane Sanelli, Unit Chief, Water Program

Joe Santarella, Assistant Regional Counsel and Enforcement Attorney

Noel Saunders, Regional Records Manager and FOIA Coordinator, Superfund Program

Eric Schaeffer, Director, Office of Civil Enforcement, OECA

Tiffany Schauer, Special Assistant to the Director of Enforcement, Office of Enforcement and

Compliance Assurance

Grechen Schmidt, Civil Investigator



Sara Schneeberg, Assistant General Counsel, Office of Air and Radiation Law

Rita Schoeny, Senior Science Advisor, Office of Science Policy, Office of Research and


Ingrid Schulze, Health Statistician

Suzanne Schwartz, Deputy Director, Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds, Office of


Judi Schwarz, Policy Specialist, CERCLA Program

Scott Schwenk, Ecological Science Coordinator, Risk Assessment Forum

Karen Schwinn, Associate Director, Water Division

Sara J. Segal, Federal Facilities Coordinator

Kathy Setian, Superfund Project Manager, Environmental Engineer

Sally Seymour, Public Affairs Director

Mike Shields, Senior Manager, Office of Federal Facilities Enforcement, Office of Enforcement

and Compliance Assistance

Audrey V. Shileikis, Watershed Coordinator

James Sickles, Regional Superfund Project Manager

Ellen Siegler, Senior Attorney, Office of General Counsel

L. Keith Silva, Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator

John Silvasi, Environmental Engineer, Office of Air and Radiation

Meg Silver, Associate Regional Counsel, Office of Regional Counsel

Sam Silverman, Deputy Director, Office of Environmental Stewardship

Steven Silverman, Attorney Advisor, Office of General Counsel

Benjamin Smith, Associate Director, Toxic Release Inventory Program

Jeffrey B. Smith, National Expert on Oil & Gas Field Operations, Office of Water

Linda Smith, Deputy Director, Office if Environmental Justice

Randy Smith, Director, Office of Environmental Cleanup and Office of Water

Timothy J Smith, Environmental Protection Specialist, Office of Air Quality Planning and


Gregory Snyder, Associate Director, Federal Facilities Enforcement Office, Office of

Enforcement & Compliance Assurance



Tom Speicher, Regional Counsel

Ellen Spitalnik, Attorney Advisor and Special Assistant, Immediate Office of Oswer AA

Christopher Sproul, Assistant Regional Counsel

Jonah Staller, Associate Regional Counsel

David Standley, Director- Water Division

Daniel Steinborn, Senior Grants Management Specialist in the Puget Sound Program

Doreen Sterling, Director of the Information Exchange and Services Division, Office of

Environmental Information

Frederick F. Stiehl, Director, Enforcement Planning, Targeting and Data Management Division,

Office of Compliance

Lauren Stiller Rikleen, Attorney, Office of Regional Counsel

Michael Strieby, Environmental Scientist

Wanda Taunton, Deputy Assistant Regional Administrator for Ecosystem Protection and


Jeffrey Telander, Environmental Engineer

Katharine Teter, Senior Enforcement Attorney, Legal Enforcement Division

Bonnie Thie, Office of Water, Division of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds, Director of Policy

and Communications

Dick Thiel, Branch Chief, Drinking Water

Vicki Thomas, Program Manager, GLNPO

William Thurston, Chief, Drinking Water Office

John Tielsch, Associate Regional Counsel

Gary Timm, Senior Technical Advisor, Office of Science Coordination and Policy

Ida Tolliver, Environmental Education Coordinator

Bella Tonkonogy, Environmental Protection Specialist, Office of Air and Radiation, 2006-2011

Barbara Toole O'Neil, Environmental Engineer

Steven Torok, EPA Senior Representative Alaska Operations Office

Anne Treash, Office of Water

Stephen Tuber, Assistant Regional Administrator, Office of Partnerships and Regulatory




Gaylene Vasaturo, Associate Regional Counsel, Office of General Counsel

Kathleen Veit, Associate Director- Air, Waste, and Toxics

Winona Victery, Senior Science Policy Adviser, Policy and Management Division

Dale Vodehnal, Remedial Program Manager, Superfund

Susan Vogt Moore, Acting Assistant Administrator/Deputy Assistant Administrator - Office of

Pesticides and Toxics

Craig Vogt, Deputy Director, Office of Wetlands - Oceans and Coastal Protection Division

Evelyn Wachtel, Coordinator, U.S.-Mexico Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Program

Elizabeth Waddell, Environmental Scientist

Barbara Wagner, EPA Librarian

Barbara Wagner, NEIC Library Director

Dave Wann, Office of External Affairs and Office of Pollution Prevention

Micheline Ward, Performance Improvement Consultant

Susan Wayland, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Pesticides & Toxics

Lydia Wegman, Director, Health and Environmental Impacts Division, Office of Air Quality

Planning and Standards

Stephen Weil, Chief, Land Disposal Restrictions Branch

Dov Weitman, Chief, Nonpoint Source Control Branch, Office of Water

Dale Wells, Technical Advisor, Air Program Branch

Lorien Wendt, IT Specialist

Raymond Werner, Chief, Air Programs Branch

Peter Westlin, Environmental Engineer, OAR, OAQPS

William Whelan, Technical Information Manager

Kerry Whitford, (No position provided)

William D. Wick, Branch Chief, Waste Branch, Office of Regional Counsel

Susan Wickwire, Chief, Energy Supply & Industry Branch, Office of Air and Radiation

Deanna M. Wieman, Deputy Director, Cross Media Division

Betty Wiese, Manager, Office of Enforcement - Air and RCRA Enforcement

Wes Wilson, Environmental Engineer



Cathy Winer, Attorney, Office of General Counsel

John Wise, Deputy Regional Administrator

Martha Wolf, Continuity of Operations Advisor

Anna Wolgast, Deputy General Counsel, Office of General Counsel

Judith Wong, Assistant Regional Administrator, Office of Technical and Management Services

Philip Wong, Unit Manager, Office of Compliance and Enforcement

George Wyeth, Senior Attorney, Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

Deborah Yamamoto, Unit Manager, Office of Environmental Cleanup

Kelcey Yarbrough Land, Technical Enforcement Program Director

Roger Yates, Environmental Engineer

Thomas G. Yocom, National Wetlands Expert

Marion Yoder, Assistant Regional Counsel

Nancy Yoshikawa, Environmental Scientist

Marvin Young, State Program Manager, Drinking Water Office

Patricia N.N. Young, Office of Pacific Islands

Eric Yunker, Remedial Project Manager, Superfund Division

Howard Zar, Senior Environmental Scientist

Martin Zeleznik, Water Division/Superfund Division

Al Zemsky, Senior External Advisor

Mike Zimmerman, On-Scene Coordinator, Ecosystem and Remediation Division

Robert Zucker, Network Manager