January 23, 2018
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Video: How Cities Can Take Control of Their Water

This video explores water 'remunicipalisation' in Buenos Aires and Paris, looking at the challenges and benefits of reclaiming public water. It calls on citizens worldwide to mobilize around this option. Do it! Remunicipalisation Works!

Find more case studies on the transition from private to public water provision (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Hamilton, Canada; and a national-level experiment in Malaysia) in the book available for free download at: http://www.municipalservicesproject.o....

You can watch this video with Italian, Portuguese and German captions, thanks to the generous contributions of http://www.recommon.org, and http://www.gemeingut.org, respectively.

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This video was commissioned by MSP, CEO and TNI.

Credits: dentdecuir.com