February 18, 2018
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One Doctor, Two Weeks, 1000 Sutures...

Syria. The word likely resonates for many of us who are following the tragic situation there. But what if it resonates because it was your home? This is the case for Dr. Hisham Bismar, the central character of 50 FEET FROM SYRIA. A successful hand surgeon in the United States, Hisham decides he cannot continue to watch images of wounded Syrian refugees flow across international borders without acting on his impulse to help. At the heart of the film, Hisham’s journey serves as a portal into one of today’s most brutal, dehumanizing conflicts and into the lives of remarkable people working to save lives at great personal risk.

50 Feet From Syria has been named one of 10 semi-finalists in the Documentary Short Films category for this year's Academy Awards. Find out more at 50feetfromsyria.com.


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