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Headlines: May 11, 2017

Report: Comey Fired Days After Seeking to Expand FBI's Probe into Russian Election Meddling

H01 comey

More details are coming to light about President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. The New York Times is reporting Comey’s dismissal came just days after he asked the Justice Department for more resources to expand the bureau’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the presidential election. Comey made the appeal to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein—the same official who wrote the memo Trump later used to justify Comey’s firing. Meanwhile, The Washington Post reports Rosenstein has threatened to resign after the White House cast him as the main instigator in the firing of Comey.

White House Accuses James Comey of Committing "Atrocities" as FBI Chief

H02 sarah huckabee sanders comey

The White House has given conflicting explanations as to why Comey was dismissed. Privately, White House aides say Trump was infuriated by Comey’s recent congressional testimony about the FBI probe into Russia. But during a press briefing on Wednesday, Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused Comey of committing "atrocities" while investigating former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: "I think also having a letter like the one that he received and having that conversation that outlined the basic just atrocities in circumventing the chain of command in the Department of Justice."

Schumer Warns Trump Firing of Comey, Yates, Bharara Part of "Deeply Troubling Pattern"

H03 schumer

On Capitol Hill, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has rejected calls from Senate Democrats for a special prosecutor. Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer warned Comey’s firing was part of a troubling pattern.

Sen. Chuck Schumer: "This is part of a deeply troubling pattern from the Trump administration. They fired Sally Yates. They fired Preet Bharara. And now they’ve fired Director Comey, the very man leading the investigation. This does not seem to be a coincidence."

In Letter, James Comey Urges FBI to Remain Independent

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In his first public comment since his dismissal, former FBI Director James Comey urged agents at the FBI to remain "a rock of competence, honesty, and independence." In the letter, Comey went on to say, "I have long believed that a president can fire an FBIdirector for any reason, or for no reason at all. I’m not going to spend time on the decision or the way it was executed. I hope you won’t either."

Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn, Trump's Ex-National Security Adviser, over Russia Ties

H05 flynn

At Urging of Putin, Trump Hosts Lavrov & Kislyak at White House; U.S. Press Barred from Meeting

H06 trump lavrov kislyak

These developments all occurred on the same day that President Trump hosted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the White House to talk about Syria and other issues. Politico reports Trump invited Lavrov after a request from Russian President Vladmir Putin. A White House spokesperson said, "He chose to receive him because Putin asked him to. Putin did specifically ask on the call when they last talked." The White House faced some criticism for allowing the Russian state media agency TASS inside the White House to take photographs while barring all U.S. media. Trump also spent part of the day on Wednesday meeting with Henry Kissinger, who served as President Richard Nixon’s secretary of state.

Education Sec. Betsy DeVos Graduation Speech Met by Boos at Historically Black College

H07 devos

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was repeatedly booed and heckled Wednesday when she addressed graduating seniors at Bethune-Cookman University, a historically black college in Florida. Many students turned their backs on DeVos.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos: "Dr. Jackson, Board of Trustees, thank you so very, very much for this great honor and privilege. I am honored to become a Wildcat. And it’s a real honor and privilege to be with you as we celebrate the Bethune-Cookman University Class of 2017."

As the booing of Betsy DeVos grew louder, school President Edison Jackson interrupted her commencement address to issue a warning to students.

Edison Jackson: "If this behavior continues, your degrees will be mailed to you."

Despite the warning, many students kept booing with their backs turned to DeVos. More than 60,000 people had signed petitions opposing the selection of DeVos as commencement speaker at Bethune-Cookman University. DeVos was widely criticized in February when she said historically black colleges and universities are "real pioneers when it comes to school choice." HBCUs were established because black students were prohibited from attending public colleges and universities throughout much of the United States’s history.

HHS Secretary Tom Price Commends Arrest of Journalist for Asking Questions

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has defended the recent arrest of a journalist in West Virginia who attempted to ask him a question in the hallway of the West Virginia State Capitol. Dan Heyman of Public News Service was arrested and jailed on $5,000 bail after he repeatedly asked Price whether domestic violence would be categorized as a pre-existing condition under the new Republican healthcare plan. On Wednesday, Price said the arrest was justified.


Dr. Tom Price: "I want to commend the West Virginia Capitol police. They did what they felt was appropriate. We thank them for the work that they do. It’s important to appreciate that gentleman was not in a press conference. We were walking down a hall, and the Capitol police acted as they felt necessary. And I would refer any questions to them."

Head of Census Bureau Resigns Ahead of 2020 Census

In other news from Washington, the head of the Census Bureau has unexpectedly resigned just as the department prepares for the 2020 census, which will determine how many seats each state gets in Congress. John Thompson had served in the post since 2013.

Senate Blocks Effort to Overturn Obama-Era Methane Emissions Rule

H10 methane exhaust pipes

In a surprising victory for environmentalists, the U.S. Senate has rejected a resolution to revoke an Obama-era rule to limit methane emissions from oil and gas production on federal lands. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas directly linked to global warming. Three Republicans voted against the bill: John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Susan Collins of Maine.

NC House Votes to Override Governor's Veto of Factory Farm Bill

H11 hog farm

Study: Glaciers Rapidly Disappearing at Glacier National Park

H12 montana

New South Korean President Vows to Bring Peace to Korean Peninsula

H13 moon jae in

In South Korea, Moon Jae-in has been sworn in as the country’s new president. In his inaugural address, the former human rights lawyer vowed to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula.

President Moon Jae-in: "I will urgently try to solve the security crisis. I’ll be always on the move for peace in the Korean Peninsula. If necessary, I will fly straight to Washington. I will go to Beijing and Tokyo, and, if the conditions allow, to Pyongyang, as well."

U.N.: 245 Refugees Died Off Coast of Libya

The United Nations is reporting as many as 245 refugees died last weekend in a pair of shipwrecks off the coast of Libya. So far, more than 1,300 people have died this year trying to cross the Mediterranean from Libya. On Wednesday, the Libyan coast guard intercepted nearly 500 refugees packed onto a wooden boat, and returned them to Tripoli. The refugees were attempting to reach a boat operated by the European NGOSeaWatch. One of the refugees had fled the violence in Syria.


Syrian refugee: "I have been trying to migrate to Europe for the past six months to rejoin my children. I left the war in Syria and went to Jordan, where I did not benefit from anything as it is still an Arab country. I went then to Lebanon, where I was not accepted. Egypt was the same, and Sudan was the same. I then went to Libya, which was also in a war similar to Syria’s. I am now trying to go to Europe for my children and because [Europe] respects human rights. Arabs do not have human rights. They have no more humanity."

Report: U.S.-Led Airstrike Kills 11 in Syria, Including 4 Children

In news from Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Right is reporting U.S.-led airstrikes have killed at least 11 people, including four children, in a village north of the Syrian city of Raqqa.

Hundreds Protest Cuts at Stony Brook University

H16 stonybrook

Gabriel Rudas: "My name is Gabriel Rudas. I’m a graduate student from the Hispanic Languages and Literature Department. We came here to protest against the irrational cuts Professor Sacha Kopp is doing against our department. We stand for the high quality of the research and for diversity, and we think that these cuts are a discriminatory measure taken against the Latino community."

Mother's Day Protests in Mexico Urge Authorities to Help Find Missing Children

H17 mothers mexico

Mother’s Day protests were held across Mexico on Wednesday. Mothers held up portraits of their missing children and demanded the government do more to find their sons and daughters. Amnesty International estimates that more than 27,000 people have disappeared or gone missing in Mexico in recent years. Marchers included Delia Garcia, whose son was kidnapped more than seven years ago.


Delia Garcia: "Tell us where our children are. It’s a feeling of desperation. With the passing of time, the pain is more unbearable. But here we are fighting. We will keep coming until we die."

New Orleans Removes Statue of Former Confederate President Jefferson Davis

H18 jefferson davis statue taken down

In New Orleans, city officials removed a statue this morning of former Confederate President Jefferson Davis. This marks the second Confederate monument to come down in the city after a City Council vote in 2015.



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