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Headlines: November 23, 2016

Trump Picks Gov. Nikki Haley to Be U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

H01 nikki

Trump Considering Neurosurgeon Ben Carson for HUD Secretary

H02 ben carson

This comes as Trump has reportedly asked retired neurosurgeon and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson to consider taking the position of secretary of housing and urban development. Carson has no government experience and no experience with housing or urban policy.


Trump Defends Bannon, Says He Will Not Prosecute Clinton

H03 bannon

CNN Under Fire for Caption Questioning Whether Jews are People

H04 cnn jews scroll

Trump Adviser Kobach Accidentally Reveals "Strategic Plan" for DHS

H05 kobach plan

NYC Spends $1 Million a Day Protecting Donald Trump

H06 police trump tower

New York City is spending more than $1 million a day to protect Donald Trump and his family at Trump Tower, where the New York Police Department has set up barricades and patrols, amid frequent protests. City officials say these costs will continue even after Trump’s inauguration, as his wife, Melania Trump, and their son Barron are expected to continue living in Trump Tower.


Wisconsin Court Rules State Illegally Gerrymandered Districts to Favor GOP

H07 wisconsin court

Workers Plan Airport Strike at Chicago's O'Hare on November 29

H08 chicago ohare

#FightFor15 Workers Plan National Day of Disruption on November 29

H09 fight for 15

#NoBlackSnakeFriday: Water Protectors Fighting Dakota Access Pipeline Declare Global Day of Action

H10 no black snake

U.N.: 68,000 Civilians Displaced from Mosul

H11 mosul displaced girl

Abu al-Abed: "We fled from the Aden neighborhood. We fled on foot, and the army then transported us by truck and brought us here, thank God. The situation is good. Clashes are still going on, but the army will prevail, God willing."

Yemen: 19 Die Near Taiz as Ceasefire Expires

H12 taiz yemen fighting

British Court Hears Lawsuit Against Shell over Spills in Niger River Delta

H13 oil niger delta

Peru: Officials Declare State of Emergency Amid Climate-Fueled Fires

H14 peru fire

Prime Minister Fernando Zavala: "In the first place, because of the magnitude of the fire’s reach, the government has declared a state of emergency in the zones affected by the greatest intensity and risk. This will permit the national government to continue mobilizing people, resources and diverse equipment in order to confront these fires and attend to the population that has been affected."

Pakistan: Indian Army Killed 9 Civilians in Kashmir

H15 kashmir bus bomb

Ohio: Prosecutor to Retry Officer Ray Tensing for Murdering Sam DuBose

H16 ray tensing mistrial



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