February 17, 2018
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Jim Jeffries on Donald Trump


Wen Australian comedian Jim Jefferies went off on the lax gun laws in the United States during his Netflix comedy special it sent the right-wing and pro-arsenal advocates into an online meltdown. Now, he’s giving Donald Trump that same treatment.

In his latest Netflix special, “Freedumb,” Jefferies admits that Trump has been brilliant for comedians and there is a part of him that wants to see how “crazy sh*t can get.”

But then he crushes Trump supporters, who believe Trump is a “straight talker” because he says simple, declarative sentences that simplify complex issues down to a second-grade level.

“‘I’m going to make America great again’ and you’re like ‘I got every word in that sentence.’ He’s like ‘I’m gonna build a wall.’ ‘I have a wall at home! You’re a straight talker!’” Jefferies explained.

When it comes to Trump’s policies, Jefferies enlightens the audience that the campaign promises cannot and will not actually happen. Mexico will never pay for “the wall.” Banning Muslims from the United States is never going to happen.

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