January 19, 2018
The Most Valuable
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"Ambitious plans. Good luck with them..." [In regard to The Reader Magazine expanded nationwide.] -- Noam Chomsky

"We don't have to keep running up this treadmill. Lately the news has been how well our economy is doing because stocks are doing well and some unemployment num- bers are decreasing too but we all know how painful any toppling of this upward trend will be. We must change the crux of the problem [Cover Story: A Plan from Main Street America, FMA '13] and this is a great plan." [from www.readernation.org] -- George Snyder

"Thank you for publicizing market-centered solutions to society's problems like the Benefit Corporation designation. Business is a force that if channelled wisely can solve problems, but the legal foundation has to be there to allow it."  -- Hank Jackson

"Yes this is what we should be moving towards as a society. [The Long Con, FMA '13] We need to break free from corporate dominance of our lives. I don't want Walmart to dictate my cost of living anymore. Wake up America. Great article." [from www.readernation.org]  -- Steve Cyr

"I agree, the money we use in this world is our death star [Publisher's Note FMA '13] and we are beholden to its powers but its powers come from our acceptance and continued apathy towards it and addressing symptoms rather than the problem of how we use money. Money can be good but it is an evil in how it's being used today. This is so very well written that I'm sharing it in my class with my students." [from www.readernation.org]  -- VS

"Your magazine is providing above the fray perspective that's giving the kind of understanding that's much needed today. We know you care. Thumbs up, RM!" -- Sandy V.