January 22, 2018
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One way we can shift greater economic and political power back to our local communities so that national policies on nuclear weapons are closer to what the people want is through consciously buying from locally-owned businesses. These numbers show how fast any community can gain political and economic power, the kind that can make our values heard about things as important as nuclear weapons.


Years required for people in the 4 regions that receive The Reader Magazine
to gain a new $780 million, capital which had previously been leaving our communities each year.


Leaders required to coordinate The Declaration of Local Independence* campaign
which canproduce this extra capital and other economic and social gains.


Promise required to be made by you and others-- in writing-- to shift 1% of your monthly
spending ($20) from national chains to locally-owned businesses for 1 year.


Estimated average amount of monthly spending people
actually shift to locally-owned businesses by starting with a $20 shift.


New jobs created each year in our communities by The Declaration of Local Independence
when 216,000 people shift 10% of their spending to locally-owned businesses.

$780 Million 

Additional money that will recirculate in our local communities annually from 216,000 people
shifting 10% of monthly spending to locally-owned businesses.
*See pages 18 & 19 for more details sign the pledge at www.localindependence.com