January 17, 2018
The Most Valuable
Information Free To All

Publisher's Note

by Chris Theodore

[column width="47%" padding="6%"]Could it be that our most pressing and significant problems could be solved in a single feat like Luke Skywalker achieves through a single, well-placed missile delivered to the heart of the death star that destroys the home of evil in the galaxy?

Consider our system today. Clearly like never before, there is massive inequality and corruption. Is it possible that any society could be so dramatically improved as in Star Wars-- so fast, so surely through a single feat of courage and skill?  Stories that ring true in the imaginations of people do so for a very good reason: something in the inherited wisdom we're given allows us to recognize a story that reflects reality.

If there was a death star in our society today, what is it? And what might be the one place where if a single blow was struck, it would result, like Luke Skywalker's bull's eye missile, in the destruction of a major source of evil in the world?

The Wonderful Wizard of OzLet me introduce another story from the American experience to help put today's reality into proper context: It's the scene in The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy and her friends are before the Great Oz and discover, to their surprise, a small, old man behind a curtain has been pulling levers to conjure up a view of reality far from the truth. I bring this up to ask you to consider the possibility that the reason we do not [/column]

know the identity of the source for what is wrong in America could be that we, like Dorothy and her friends and all the people of OZ, have not yet pulled the curtain back and, until we do, we are caught up in the trance of the enormity of the system and all its machinations, when in reality a small, relatively easy-to-rectify problem has not yet been solved.

What is this problem, our death star, and what is the evidence to prove this is it? Where is the point where if a blow was struck, would end its destructive reign?

In truth, our Death Star is that the people of the United States do not have control over how much money exists in America, and a free people in order to be free, must have this right.

In fact all of our money is issued into existence through the collusion of feckless government officials and private banks in the form of a loan, to be paid back to a private bank with interest.

Instead of doing this, the US government could completely bypass the private banks and instead of paying for things with borrowed money at interest, it could spend fifty percent less (saved on the interest it would have paid over time) and at the same time, clip the wings of the private banks, which without that wing clipping will continue to grow more and more powerful-- from having complete control of money in the most powerful nation on earth-- and in order to maintain that power, will continue destroying anything that may rise up to challenge their authority.

Continue reading, and you'll find the proof that this is our Star, a step by step plan that can abolish it, and the revelation that you, like Luke, must begin a hero's journey if we are to win.