The Reader's Shift Campaign is an on-going grass roots campaign that creates community wealth through inspiring, educating and organizing people in the 9 cities and communities that receive The Reader.

It is a pledge that allows people in our community to make a small, signed promise to shift about 1% of their spending from national chains to locally-owned businesses which when combined with the collective power of others doing the same thing, produces huge economic and social gains for our community.

For example, when about a quarter of the 220,000 adults which receive The Reader each quarter sign and make good on this pledge the results, according to studies on the impact of local spending on local communities, will be as much as $78 million in money recirculating in our communities which was not there before and up to 900 new jobs-- every year.

How could this possibly be the case?  The 390,000 people from our community that receive The Reader Magazine spend $7.2 billion every year.  About half of that spending-- $3.6 billion--  can be spent on goods and services locally-owned businesses produce and provide.

Every dollar spent locally has a multiplier effect-- which creates jobs here and expands the amount of money here-- through money recirculating in our community, instead of  leaving the community to be deposited in the bank accounts of national chains.  This means more money here-- rather than elsewhere which means more money for police and fire departments, our libraries, schools, roads and organizations-- oh and you and your family, too.

The communities to benefit from this improvement in economic strength are Banning, Beaumont, Colton, Grand Terrace, Highland, Loma Linda, Redlands, San Bernardino and Yucaipa.

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