February 23, 2018
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Skoll Foundation Entrepreneurs Challenge

As a friend of the Skoll Foundation, you heard from me in mid-October about the Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge.  In partnership with CrowdRise and the Huffington Post, the Challenge kicked off on September 30, and only two weeks later, was just shy of the first $500,000 milestone.

Today—in the last week of the Challenge—the 57 participating organizations have reached a total of more than $1,500,000!

The simple truth is that we could not have reached this level without the support and dedication of friends like you.

The next three days mark our last big push to the finish line—the Challenge ends at 11:59 AM ET so please take a moment now to help this Community reach $2 million. Ambitious? Very! Achievable? With your help—yes!

As a reminder, in addition to $250,000 in dedicated prize money, the Skoll Foundation is matching every $2 of funds raised with an additional $1, up to a total of $1 million—with $750,000 to be shared equally among all 57 participating organizations.

There is no better time to donate to social entrepreneurs driving change on many of the most critical and urgent issues of our time. Two of the 57 participating organizations are working directly on relief and rebuilding efforts in the Philippines, addressing the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, which has claimed well over 4,000 lives and affected 13 million people, including 4 million children.

Visit the Challenge pages of Gawad Kalinga and Visayan Forum to learn more about the food, shelter, and critical necessities they are providing in the hardest-hit areas, and their long-term efforts to rebuild communities.

Small donations, in the $25 to $200 range, are the backbone of this campaign. We have also seen a surprisingly high number of much larger donations. Whatever you can give will help these organizations qualify for the Foundation’s match and hit that $2 million stretch goal!

Please spread the word about the Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge with your friends, family and social media networks, and help make this one of the most successful crowdfunding efforts to date!

With the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. right around the corner, we can’t imagine a better way to give thanks.


Sally Osberg
President and CEO
Skoll Foundation

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