January 18, 2018
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Publisher's Note: The New American Frontier

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Publisher's Note

In 1955, shortly before his death, Albert Einstein, along with a group of Nobel Laureates, helped write a declaration that laid out a game plan for the survival of the human race.  They believed a mentality that accepted war would lead inevitably to universal death.  As radical and drastic as it sounded, they presented the choice before humanity: renounce war or perish, world peace or universal death.  These were men who had little time left for an agenda.  Their words were a gift to mankind.  They summarized their declaration in seven words: "Remember your humanity and forget the rest". 
 The simplicity of these seven words doesn't mean the problems we face aren't serious or complex.  This time in human history is very unique in that we face problems that we've never had to face before all at the same time.  The future of our resources, environmental degradation, the health of our democracy, and the existence of nuclear weapons.  Can you think of a more fitting response facing what we face than to remember your humanity and forget your fear?  
Forget what you've been told about people who believe differently than you.  Forget class, ethnicity, nationality, religion and remember your humanity.   
The fact that we are part of such a story-- humanity-- that our choices impact generations and generations and generations of people can put our personal problems and hopes into their rightful context.  Maybe these seven words provide what's missing-- a sense of what is important, a rational sense of order.   
Here's more good news.  The human story has been— all through time— ultimately a story of triumph of the rational conquering what is irrational.  That means it is possible and even in our nature for us to avoid the traps around us and create a new world where our future is certain.  
In this issue, Annie Leonard, discussing her Story of Change says, "If we actually want to change the world, we can’t talk only about consumers voting with our dollars. Real change happens when citizens come together to demand rules that work."
Reading here other features like Local Government and Peak Oil,  you may come to believe the understanding that can create a sustainable future exists.  And the real question is whether this understanding is shared by enough people in time.  So our time is precious.  So are our choices for the ideas we consume.  
Sometimes it seems as if the entire media is not helping much: creating misinformation or distraction while precious days, months and years pass.  
It is for this reason that we believe that there are very few things more important than creating a new channel of information which reaches everyone and encourages everyone to remember your humanity and forget the rest.  If humanity pulls this off it will be the greatest story ever told, by making it possible for all other stories-- including yours-- to be told. 

-- Christopher Theodore, Publisher, The Reader Magazine