February 23, 2018
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Thomas Frank on Why 'the problem with the US is plutocracy'

“We have this tiny percentage of the population that collects all the gains of the economy, and these people now have enormous power over our politics as well,” says Thomas Frank, the acclaimed US political commentator and essayist in a video interview with Mediapart in which he sketches the state of American society today, charts a shift to political and economic extremes, argues how Barak Obama missed his golden chance and points to where the Republicans are taking America.

Frank received acclaim in the US for his 2004 book What’s the Matter With Kansas?, a study of how the electorate of the Midwest state, where he spent his childhood, has largely changed its political spots over the past 100 years from the Left to the staunch Republican Right. In 2008, his book The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule exposed what he called the “tsunami of corruption” drowning federal government in Washington which was “the consequence of triumph by a particular philosophy of government, by a movement that understands the liberal state as a perversion and considers the market the ideal nexus of human society”.

In September, Mediapart contributor Thomas Haley interviewed Frank on camera in Bethesda, Maryland, where he lives close to Washington D.C. Speaking shortly before the Republican Party’s success in the mid-term elections, when they gained control of Congress, Frank offers a sharp insight into the current political, economic and social situation in America, and notably the decline of the Democrats and the dimming presidency of Barack Obama. The video is presented below in a series of four extracts (with French subtitles).

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