February 23, 2018
The Most Valuable
Information Free To All

Linked In Hello Post, November 4, 2013


I was strolling down State Street in Redlands today when I felt the urge to share this...

There is a way to create the means to reach every single American with the truth.  The truth is obvious.  It is published at non-profit, public interest news and research sites like Center for Public Integrity, and others like it.  So there's no real debate about whether "truth can be known".  It's known.  What we don't have yet is the means of reaching every American with the truth.

What would the world look like with a permanent, self-sustaining institution that gave all people in America the truth, free?  What would it feel like going to bed each night knowing that there was an institution out there through which every American had information from non-profit, public-interest sources, free?  I bet it would make most people across the US feel a lot more powerful, less hopeless and more alive.

I think when we present to impact investment conferences and others what we now know about the sustainable world possible from scaling our publication nationwide, which includes generating annual profits of $500 million, the vision of a source of honest information that provides an alternative to the hopelessness and distraction of the big media narrative will be made real.

And truly a new world will be made-- through the power of ideas, thoughts and people.

We're building the team that will scale The Reader nationwide.  If you're involved in the impact investment field, please keep me posted on impact investment opportunities in which foundations and other entities are looking for ways to scale successful businesses to solve the biggest problems we face.  Thank you very much.... now go have fun...

Chris Theodore

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