June 20, 2017
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L.A. City Council Moves To Legalize Street Food

By Tod Perry

Angelenos didn’t invent the taco, but if history is correct, L.A. is home to the first ever taco truck, started by Raul Martinez in East L.A. in 1974. In addition to a thriving food-on-wheels culture, L.A. it’s known for its famous “dirty dogs,” bacon-wrapped hot dogs with jalapenos and mayo, cooked on gas-grill converted carts. Now, given President Trump’s promised crackdown on immigrants with criminal records, L.A. City Council members are working to protect an important part of the city’s culture.

Being that most street vendors are recent Hispanic immigrants, Los Angeles City Councilmembers Joe Buscaino and Curren Price have decided to prevent their deportation by making street vending legal. Currently, selling food or goods on Los Angeles’ streets can result in a misdemeanor. The two legislators have been working on a regulated system whereby the city can issue permits to street vendors.

The new legislation will be “a sign to this Trump administration that we will not abide by his fear, his vilification, his scapegoating of immigrants,” Councilman Jose Huizar told The Los Angeles Times. It could take months for laws to be passed and licenses distributed, but city council members are excited about the progress they’ve made. “There’s still work to be done,” Councilman Gil Cedillo said. “But this is a huge step forward.”

- Originally appeared at GOOD.is