September 28, 2017
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Los Angeles: Metropole Global Forum 2015

'Raise Capital, Grow Business, Repeat' at the Metropole Global Forum 2015:  November 6

This Friday, November 6 is the Metropole Global Forum 2015.  This year’s conference will empower participants through a variety of educational panels as well as hard-to-beat networking opportunities. Conference founder Victoria Silchenko has organized several funding forums like this before which highlight the best alternative funding practices for entrepreneurs and investors.

This year’s conference will enable participants to discuss new forming financial vehicles and ideas to empower entrepreneurship, and investing.  These include crowd funding with attractive rewards, crowd investing, mini IPO and Reg A+, royalty financing and royalty crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending networks, alternative currencies as a new funding source, and financing alternatives for TV, media & entertainment projects.

Attending the conference will be entrepreneurs, investors, media personnel and thought leaders and thus it provides an amazing opportunity to all the participants to socialize and learn from experts as well as each other. The forum has been serving its purpose of spreading awareness about creating the best environment for the past 4 years. The forum has been opened to professional media members for interviews and coverage of the conference.

Steve Newman of the Founder at Official has attributed a commendable amount of his achievement to the forum and said,It saved me months of networking.”

Set in Century Plaza Hotel, the conference is founded by big names including, Metropole Capital Group, and many others. The conference will be hosted by the founder of Metropole group, Victoria Silchenko,  and Sandro Monetti, a BBC Broadcaster and host, author.  Speakers and panelists include famous names such as Arthur Lipper, David Weild, Melinda Moore, Samuel S.Guzik among others.

If past conferences are any indication of what will transpire Friday, it will likely provide outstanding networking and practical knowledge from the real market experts.  Larry Namer of E!Entertainment has called the conference a “truly powerful event."  And Bianca Dellepiane, President, Bridges to Italy has said, “I attend plenty of conferences on entrepreneurship and investing,… this particular one has been among the best ones I went in to in recent years.”

For the full agenda of the Forum and to register, click this link.