October 04, 2017
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Take a Stand

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How can people on Main Street work together to fix what's wrong today?


"People need to get involved and stop thinking like they can’t do anything because if no one does anything then we are not putting anyone in power who will make changes for the better. When I see Main Street America I think about information on the news which isn't really what is happening on my main street."


"To fix America we need to regulate big corporations-- make them pay for their injustices and control or limit their profits. We should give the middle and lower class a chance to catch up. Main Street America represents the average thoughts of an average person and is an idea of a blended and fair America."


"I feel like we all need to make sacrifices to make things better. Like we all need to pay our fair share of taxes to turn the economy around. When I hear Main Street America I think of the average Joe or Jane."


"Main Street America is big buildings and the stock exchange. That is what represents us as Americans in my opinion. We could make things better by people not getting into so much debt."


"I believe that change has to start at home. Parents need to be more involved with teachers and with the community. I remember my mom used to sit with me and help me study. Kids today rely on social media for information not on their parents. We need to connect with each other better. Main Street Americans are not us, they are celebrities or politicians. Everyday people never seem to get their voices heard anymore."


"Compromise would be a real good start as a way to make things better. Think of what the right thing is for everybody and do that. The average person is who I imagine when I hear Main Street America." [/column]


"The way everyone can help make things better is to vote incompetent politicians out of office. When I think of Main Street America, I think of everyday people like my next-door neighbor."


"When I think about what we can do to make the world better--- charities and charity work always comes to mind. Giving affects everything. Small things affect change. I don't think that Main Street America is average people, I think it’s politicians and even Wall Street."


"Main Street America represents adapting to conformity. The average person can affect change, it’s a matter of finding your own creativity and then having the will to actually go out and do something."


"When I think of Main Street America I picture a town where everybody gathers to make decisions about and for the community. A town in which you know everyone, certainly smaller and with better communication than Redlands for example."


"Main Street America means 'old-time values'. Small. Mom and pop businesses. As to how ordinary people can make things better… Honestly, I feel there isn't much we can do. We let our spokesman politicians do it and they do not do much for us. I believe, the average person doesn’t have much power to do anything to affect change."