August 30, 2016
The Most Valuable
Information Free To All


  • Broken City Poets
    By Ariane Wu and José Vadi   Josh Merchant, an award-winning slam poet from the San Francisco Bay Area, has been asked to do something unusual. He’s been enlisted by two organizations – The Center for Investigative Reporting and Youth Speaks – to lead a series of experimental workshops teaching teenagers to ...
  • sting-musician-the-police
    (Reuters) A cognitive psychologist in Montreal wanted to see how the musical mind responds to different compositions, so he looked inside Sting's brain. Musician Sting recently lent his brain to science. MRI scans revealed his brain's response to different songs. Sting listened to Piazzolla's 'Libertango' and the Beatles' 'Girl' which may seem ...
  • One Man’s Plan to End Water Scarcity for Everyone
    By Alessandra Rizzotti This fall, the United Nations is preparing to launch its 17 Sustainable Development Goals—an extraordinary action plan to solve the world’s biggest problems by 2030. Over the coming months, we’ll be connecting with The Local Globalists: 17 nonprofit founders, entrepreneurs, and social innovators who are working every day, wherever they are, ...



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