October 03, 2017
The Most Valuable
Information Free To All

Tell Mark Zuckerberg and His Friends to Save the Internet

Think about how much we rely on companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and Yahoo. Just like us, these companies will suffer in a world without Net Neutrality.

We know that Comcast and Verizon have been making Netflix videos harder to download. Google (which owns YouTube) could face the same treatment. We’re entering a world where all of us will find it harder and harder to get the information we need.

This means that the messages we send to our families and friends might not go through. The videos we want to watch might not load. The apps we want to use might not function. And the Internet we love is in danger of being destroyed.

No one (except AT&T, Verizon and all those other greedy Internet service providers) wants this kind of world. So we need to work together to bring Net Neutrality back.

Tell the CEOs of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and Yahoo to urge the FCC to reclassify broadband and save the Internet.

Reposted from FreePress.net