December 05, 2016
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Why Isn’t There A Cure For Cancer?

By Kate Ryan,

Heading toward the tail end of Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s natural to reflect on the state of cancer in America. Despite the advancements scientists have made in cancer detection and the incredible effort organizations have put into increasing awareness, you’re likely still left wondering why we don’t have a cure by now. The answer, as one infographic by NowSourcing lays out, is a lot more complicated than you might think. Mainly we don’t have a panacea for cancer because cancer isn’t a singular disease. Rather, it’s a network of related diseases that cause damaged cells to divide and multiply past their normal lifecycle, causing fatal abnormalities that go undetected by our immune system.

On top of the cancer cell stealth factor is the fact that each unique type of cancer requires an equally unique method of treatment, making a cure-all virtually impossible. Diet and genetics play a role too, so your chances of getting cancer could be mitigated somewhat by healthy lifestyle choices. Check out the infographic below for all the details on the current state of cancer research, and if you want to see a cure sooner than later, don’t forget to support the non-profitsleading the way.

Why Isn’t There a Cure for Cancer? [Infographic]

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