August 24, 2016
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Artists Build Heavenly Homemade Island Off Vancouver Coast

Artists Build Heavenly Homemade Island Off Vancouver Coast

By Kate Ryan

Off the coast of Vancouver Island floats a dreamy home built by Canadian artists Catherine King and Wayne Adams that boasts greenhouses, indoor fishing holes, and a dance floor. Nicknamed “Freedom Cove,” the self-sufficient space is a 45-minute boat ride from town and only accessible via water. Rather than being anchored, the homeowners decided to tether the manmade island to shore with ropes, making for a more buoyant, flexible structure.


The couple has been living in the colorful space for the past 24 years and has no plans to move – other than inching from side to side along with the current, that is. In a video uploaded by Great Big Story, Wayne Adams explains how, as artists, they weren’t able to buy into the expensive Canadian real estate market, so they decided to build a house of their own.

Everything’s done with a handsaw and a hammer, no power tools,” he says in the video, “I know every board and nail by name.”

A triumph of modern sustainability, the home is inspiring on multiple levels. Watch the video above to get a closer look.

- Originally appeared at GOOD.Is

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