November 22, 2017
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Between Life and Death

by Débora Silva

President Donald Trump’s promise of a border wall has sparked wildly different reactions across the country. In southern Arizona, where long stretches of desert and extreme heat have killed thousands of migrants, water is the common ground between pro-immigrant activists and a rancher who backs the wall. Ahl Tamar and Katherine B. are volunteers with the humanitarian organization No More Deaths. They leave jugs of water on trails where migrants are known to travel. Both say they fear that a border wall would not deter people from attempting to cross, and only push them to more dangerous routes. Meanwhile, Jim Chilton, a rancher in the area, has given water to desperate migrants who’ve traversed his property after crossing the border. But Chilton says he supports Trump’s border wall because he is frustrated that people die on his property and believes a wall would prevent future tragedies.

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