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“The latest issue “The article by Charles Eisenstein
[The Rise of Working [A New Story Is Born, MJJ '15] blew
America, MJJ '15] is my mind it was so insightful.
impressive in scope His perspective is novel and yet
and depth. Job well simple. We do in fact normalize
done— pun intended!” absurd behavior and end up
- Rich Harris demoralized, confused. We need
to wake up and practice the
“Job creation is a priority [The values we claim to own.”
Rise of Working America, MJJ '15] - Cameron R.
but I don't necessarily agree that
our government at the national “Before I read the facts on mini-
or the state level should be mum wage [Wage Myths Busted,
involved in regulating wages, pro- MJJ '15] I didn't agree with the
viding unemployment insurance, increase. As a home based busi-
doling out tax credits, and creat- ness owner interested in the larg-
ing jobs. What happened to the er picture, I especially appreciate
free market? When we've let the knowing this information. I
market regulate all these elements always learn something when I
we've enjoyed the most prosperi- read your magazine.”
ty. I'm concerned where we are - Will McConnell
headed and your articles on
‘fairness’ and a ‘living wage’ “I'm a conservative but I will
aren't helping.” admit that some ideas in the
- Nelson Arnott cover story [The Rise of Working
America, MJJ '15] make sense in
From Your Comments that we need to focus our efforts
@ on creating middle-class level jobs
not just low pay jobs. How to do
"Most have forgotten the hard that, well I don't necessarily agree
fought battles for our labor with those ideas— admittedly the
rights. The Reader's timeline policies in action currently aren’t
was a great read and reminder working so there’s room for
[291 Years of History, MJJ '15]." improvement.”
- Michele Gayral - David Rueda

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