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Headlines: December 6, 2016

Mistrial Declared in Murder Trial of White Cop Who Shot Walter Scott in the Back

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Judge Clifton Newman: "I have a final note from the jury. It says, 'We, as the jury, regret to inform the court that despite the best efforts on all members, we are unable to come to a unanimous decision in the case of the state versus Michael Slager.' So I am going to bring the jury out and to declare a mistrial."

Walter Scott’s killing in 2015 sparked protests nationwide. Prosecutors say they will retry the case. This is Walter Scott’s mother, Judy Scott.

Judy Scott: "I believe God. I am encouraged, because I know God is able. He will get his just reward. And we have the federal trial and another trial to go. I’m just waiting on the lord. I’m just going to rest in the lord. I don’t care what man say. I don’t care how it looks. It’s not over. Y’all hear me? It’s not over 'til God say it's over."

The jury of 11 white people and one black man came from the city of North Charleston, which is nearly half black. The mistrial comes after a jury deadlocked in another high-profile police killing: the fatal shooting of African American Samuel DuBose by white former University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing in Ohio in 2015.

Republican Elector Says He Will Not Vote for Donald Trump on Dec. 19

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Florida Voters Sue for Presidential Election Recount

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Mismatched Ballot Numbers Hamper Michigan Election Recount

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Trump Meets with Former VP Al Gore to Discuss Climate Change

H05 al gore

WashPost: Pentagon Buried Study Revealing $125B in Bureaucratic Waste

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Israeli Parliament Moves to Legalize Thousands of Illegal Settlements

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Ahmad Tibi: "The law of organizing and legalizing the settlements, Amona, specifically, is one of the most dangerous laws. This says that this state and its institutions are focusing on settlements and changing the law or putting the law or facing the high court, which ordered the evacuation of Amona for these houses, that were built on a stolen Palestinian land whose owners exist."

Western Sahara: Media Activist Walid Fatal Sentenced to 14 Months in Prison

H08 walid

Veterans at Standing Rock Ask Forgiveness for Military's Crimes Against Native Americans

H09 forgiveness

Wes Clark Jr.: "We came. We fought you. We took your land. We signed treaties that we broke. We stole minerals from your sacred hills. We blasted the faces of our presidents onto your sacred mountain. And we took still more land. And then we took your children. And then we tried to take your language. We tried to eliminate your language, that God gave you and that the creator gave you. We didn’t respect you. We polluted your earth. We’ve hurt you in so many ways. And we’ve come to say that we are sorry, we are at your service, and we beg for your forgiveness."

That was Army veteran Wes Clark Jr., son of U.S. retired Army General Wes Clark Sr., kneeling at the feet of Leonard Crow Dog, Lakota medicine man and spiritual leader of the American Indian Movement who was part of the 1973 occupation of Wounded Knee. On Sunday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denied the Dakota Access pipeline company a permit to drill underneath the Missouri River—halting construction for now. Water protectors have committed to remain at the resistance camps and stay vigilant, and the company has vowed to build on. Click here to see our coverage of Sunday’s historic victory.

Trump Advisers Propose Privatizing Native American Reservations

H10 reservation privatization

Flint Residents Warn Lead-Poisoned Water Still Undrinkable

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In Flint, Michigan, residents are warning the lead-poisoned water is still undrinkable—and may be getting even more toxic. Flint resident Melissa Mays of the group Water You Fighting For? said, "The longer they wait to change our pipes, the worse our water gets." Last week, a judge rejected the state of Michigan’s attempt to stop delivering bottled water to Flint, warning of "irreparable harm" to residents.

Muslim Transit Worker Attacked, Pushed Down Stairs in Latest Hate Crime

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In New York City, a 45-year-old Muslim transit worker wearing a headscarf was attacked Monday, pushed down the stairs at Grand Central Terminal and called a "terrorist" in the latest of a series of hate crimes against Muslims following the election of Donald Trump. On Saturday in Brooklyn, another man violently threatened an off-duty Muslim police officer, referring to her as ISIS and saying, "I will cut your throat. Go back to your country."

Oakland Residents Mourn Deaths of 36 Artists, Activists in Warehouse Fire

H13 oakland fire

Amir: "Obviously, I’m sad. I knew two people in the fire, named Alex and Anna. You know, obviously, I’m sad, but I’m more concerned about their family and their well-being. More than that, I’ve lost two friends."

Baltimore Shuts Down Artists' Space Bell Foundry

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Georgia Slated to Execute William Sallie Tonight

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