August 16, 2017
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Poetic documentary about the people of MacArthur Park (Los Angeles). Made by Anatoli Ulyanov.

Los Angeles MacArthur Park has a notorious reputation. Located right on a cross of different gangs territories, it became associated with drugs, violence and its diverse homeless population: undocumented immigrants, abandoned veterans, transgenders, people who lost their job, people with mental disabilities who can’t afford healthcare. For a course of 3 month I visited MacArthur Park filming those who live there. Many of those people came to the US with a dream to find heaven. And LA indeed looks like one. My goal was to show this dramatic contrast between heaven and its tragedy. While filming it, I discovered not only a crowd of unforgettable personalities, – multi-dimensional souls shaped by the rollercoaster of their lives, – but the fact that despite all the struggles these people are still full of dreams. They filled with light. And that’s what impressed me the most as a manifestation of unbreakable human spirit. So I followed the light through these people. And the result is this poetic film.

Source: By ANATOLI / DADAKINDER @ VVHY.TV from VVHY on Vimeo.

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