August 09, 2016
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Children's Labor

Refugee Labor is Cheap, Children’s Labor is Cheaper: MuckReads Weekly

By Adam Harris

In Turkey, Syrian refugee labor is cheap — and Syrian child labor is even cheaper. Turkey bans children under the age of 15 from working — but in several locations across the country, Syrian refugee children do. (Reuters)

Libre by Nexus helps undocumented immigrants detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) get out of detention on bond — if they agree to pay $420 a month for a GPS tracker on their ankle. Critics say they hurt more than help, as they leave immigrants strapped with debt. (Buzzfeed)

If someone still has loans from New Jersey’s student loan agency when they die, the loans can be forgiven — but there’s a catch. Internal emails reveal a don’t ask, don’t tell policy in the country’s largest state based student loan program.(ProPublica)

Reporters from the New York Times went on ride-alongs with police officers from 10 departments across the country. The project offers a glimpse behind the scenes and paints a picture of life in law enforcement following recent ambushes of police officers.(New York Times)

In Washington State, most Congressional incumbents have raised at least $1 million, while their opponents have not fared as well. In fact, every member of Congress from the Evergreen State has raised at least 8 times more money than his or her challenger.(KUOW)

- Originally appeared at ProPublica.Org

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