April 11, 2019
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Hey there! Join our conversation about space! The universe is enormous and full of secrets and there are still millions of things to be discovered. Imagine neutron stars so fast they devour everything in their path, clouds that smell of fruits, an enormous gathering of galaxies...and Louis Armstrong music in space? Outer space is amazing by its sheer size, the trillions of massive objects it accommodates, and the many secrets it holds, some of which you’re about to find out.

For example, one of the most exciting questions is if there are other planets people can live on? Actually, over 30 of the planets in our Milky Way galaxy are very likely to be habitable to human being. Scientific teams have been hard at work trying to discover habitable planets. And we're gonna tell about that today!

Also, you're gonna find out some little-known earthly facts. Think nothing can surprise you at this point? You’ll be amazed when you find out how much you have yet to learn about our home planet! Did you know, for example, that Earth was originally a different color? Or that the Moon isn’t Earth’s only satellite? So, guys, watch our video to discover how a single teaspoon can weigh a billion tons, and how our galaxy is heading on a deadly collision, along with other incredible facts!

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