February 08, 2018
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Bitcoin madness drives Egyptians to sell their real estate and cars

The central bank of Egypt issued several warnings against dealing with virtual currencies, especially Bitcoin. However, thousands of Egyptians took risk through intermediaries inside and outside Egypt. Many people offered their property in exchange for these currencies.

On the webpage of “Arab Bitcoin Community”, Khaled Shedid offered his apartment in the Fifth Settlement in the 90th Street with 230-meter area and asked for 100 thousand dollars of Bitcoin. Mustafa Essam’s 110-meter and two-store apartment in Agami, Alexandria, however, was set for 10 thousand dollars of Bitcoin. Mohammed Salah offered his 2004 Seat Toledo car for sale for 7000 dollars of Bitcoin or any other currency.” Bassam Radwan offered his apartment in Nasr City for 10 Bitcoin.

Originally appeared in Middle East Monitor

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