February 07, 2018
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In 'Dictator Move,' Trump Accuses Democrats of Treason for Not Applauding at SOTU

The president casually told an Ohio audience that lawmakers' lack of enthusiam was "un-American"

by Julia Conley

President Donald Trump drew harsh criticism during a speech he gave at a factory near Cincinnati, Ohio on Monday, in which he casually accused Democrats of "treason" for not expressing enthusiasm for his agenda during the State of the Union address last week.

The president told his audience that during his speech before a joint session of Congress, he noticed many Democrats were not clapping "even on positive news." He called the lack of applause "un-American," before taking a cue from someone in the audience who apparently called out, "treason."


Critics pointed out that his remarks carried racial implications as well as disturbing overtones of authoritarianism. The members of the Congressional Black Caucus notably did not applaud when Trump heralded his often-repeated point that "African-American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded."

Trump's comment about unemployment among black Americans is technically correct, but the number has been declining steadily since 2010, when President Barack Obama was still in his first term—leading many to take issue with the fact that Trump has repeatedly taken credit for low unemployment numbers.

During Obama's presidency, Republican lawmakers routinely refrained from applauding as he discussed expanding health insurance coverage via the Affordable Care Act and enacting other policies to which Republicans were opposed.

On Twitter, critics slammed the president for suggesting that a lack of enthusiasm for his agenda is "treasonous"—especially as Trump himself is being investigated for his ties to Russia amid concerns over its interference with the 2016 election.

Originally appeared in Common Dreams

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