August 04, 2016
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Improv Everywhere Uses Four Sets of Twins for an Awesome Time-Travel Prank

By Tod Perry

It’s tough to shock a New Yorker on the subway. It’s a place where people from all walks of life and every level of sanity are thrown together to get to where they need to go. Any experienced rider knows when not to make eye contact with a busker or the couple making out directly in front of them. But this prank that was recently pulled on the N train from Queens to Coney Island may be one of the few times that New Yorkers were truly shocked on the subway.

Improv Everywhere is a New York-city based prank collective that according to their website, “causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” For this elaborate time-travel prank they used four different sets of twins. It starts with a man innocently asking riders for money to complete his time machine – a request that’s not too out of place on the subway. But then, when someone comes back from the future to stop him, things get a little weird on the N train.

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